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I’m starting to wonder if Dervla McTiernan’s The Good Turn exists except as an audio book. I “bought” a paperback copy from a UK bookseller via Alibris on 21 Jan. Today, another book I bought through Alibris a week later arrived in the post. Still no sign of the McTiernan📚☹️

You’ve got a right to be angry: Salman Rushdie, Fury

About eight months ago, I wrote about Midnight’s Children that on first reading I had experienced a sense of “exhilaration”, in spite of what Tariq Ali had described as its “streak of pessimism and nihilism”. It seemed to me that that the exuberance and invention of Rushdie’s writing were driven by “anger, fury and a sense of outrage”. Twenty years after Midnight’s Children, Rushdie was to write a novel with the title Fury in which, again, anger was very much a driving force, but this time the mood was quite different.

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